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 "A view so grand and
wild, there is hardly a
home in Norway that can match it! They built a big, beautiful hotel
up there last year."

From the famous Norwegian poet Per Sivle's "Ein Triskilling",



       Heritage Adventures



The history of hospitality at Stalheim dates back to 1647 when Stalheim became a postal farm on the newly opened Oslo – Bergen postal route.  In 1750 the first postal inn, now a part of Stalheim museum, was built and in 1885 the first Stalheim Hotel opened its doors.

The Stalheim Hotel of today is from 1960 and offers124 comfortable rooms with a total of 220 beds. The many fine antiques that are on display in the hotel’s spacious panorama lounges are a part of the extensive collection of art and artefacts that constitutes Stalheim Folk Museum, one of Norway’s largest privately owned folk museums.

Since the early 18th century many painters, known and unknown, have found inspiration for their art in the wild and dramatic nature around Stalheim. Best known of the” Stalheim paintings” is however J.C.Dahl monumental painting “ From Stalheim” 1842, now on display at the National Gallery in Oslo.


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