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 "A view so grand and
wild, there is hardly a
home in Norway that can match it! They built a big, beautiful hotel
up there last year."

From the famous Norwegian poet Per Sivle's "Ein Triskilling",



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About Stalheim Hotel
The 124 roomed Stalheim Hotel is a family run hotel with a history dating from 1885. The fine qualities of the hotel together with its spectacular surroundings have through the years earned Stalheim a reputation as an experience a visitor to our area not should miss. Read more...


A visitor to Stalheim should not miss a tour of the impressive Stalheim Folk Museum, located just across the road from the hotel. The old farming village, the manor house and the exhibition hall together offers the visitor. Read more...


Explore the area
The hotel is centrally located in the fjord area and is a perfect base for exploring the fjords and mountains of Western Norway. There are ample short and long hikes to choose from as well as  variety of excursions by car or by public transport to choose from. Read more...              

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Stalheim is easy accessible from Oslo and Bergen both by private car and by public transportation. And not matter where you are coming from you will be passing trough  spectacular landscapes on your way to Stalheim. Read more...



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